Dmitrijs Nicipors and Ulvi Lond won Laulasmaa Ultra on a new, even harder trail

Photo by Kristina Vennikas: the start of Laulasmaa Ultra

On Saturday evening, 11th June 2017 the finish of Laulasma Ultra- Estonian longest walking and running event was closed.

Latvian Dmitris Nicipors made a great trail record by running 211km in 22 hours, 51 minutes and 16 seconds (av 6 min 29sek/ km). The second and the third place went to Latvia as well. Kaspars Adijāns got the second place (26:59:19), Laimonis Skadinš the third place (27:46:56).


Laulasmaa Ultra was won by Laimonis and Heleen

Estonia's longest running and walking event once again got to the end. Minimum distance of one full lap (21,1) was covered by 85 athletes. There were 32 volunteers supporting them.

First places were divided by close battle. The best man and winner of Laulasmaa Ultra 2015 is Laimonis Skadinš from Latvia who showed stability through out the course (211 km in 23 hours, 42 minutes and 5 seconds). Just two kilometers before finish Hannes Veide grabed second place from Lauri Valdmaa who ended up third tho leading the race first half of the race.


Laulasmaa Ultra track has been remeasured

Laulasmaa Ultra trail has been more precisely mesaured. The reason was different results from GPS files to provide track information to International Trail Running Association (ITRA) where we stand now as member.

On 24th May 2015 we mesaured the trail with Gottlieb Nestle Gmbh produced mesauring wheel. Since earlier competitions we changed the track just a bit at 3rd (14th) km. All of the km marks and trail signs will in place on the competition day as usually in red and white as shown on the picture.

See you soon!


The realm of Ultrarunnig is tuned into 24h world championships

From 11-12 of April 2015 everyone in touch with ultrarunning is tuned in to the 24 hours world championships, taking place in Turin Italy. Start is given on 11th of April at 10.00 am and track will be closed excactly 24 hours later on sunday mornign 12th of April at 10.00 am.

337 atheletes representing 41 countries are gaining distances on an exact 1700m lap.

World's best 24h results so far:


Peeter will participate in 250 km race in Japan

Peeter Vennikas will participate "Sakura Mitchi" in Nagoya, Japan. Race takes place on 18-19th of April 2015 and follows a track from south to north. Finish line is located in Kanasawa. From about 100 participants allowed on the track about fifth is from Europe and rest are locals. One of the participants, Masae Kamura (JPN), came in second last year at Laulasmaa Ultra with 194.6 km.On the photo: Peeter Vennikas @ Katowice 24h WCH (photo by: Henri Vennikas)


Estonians will participate 24h ECH/WCH Torino 2015

Estonian Ultrarunners Official lineup will take part of the 24 ore di Torino (24 hours IAU WCH) competition taking place on 11-12 April 2015.

At the moment our participants are:

  • women: Raili Rüütel, Aveli Vellerind, Hanna Roosi
  • men: Rain Seepõld, Cris Poll, Aivar Luud, Mart Maasikrand, Rain Vellerind, Andrus Rüütelmaa, Jaak Rohtsalu, Toomas Unt
  • staff: Anneli Vellerind, Kaire Laupa

photo is of our official line-up from IAU WCH Holland y. 2013 (photo by Ü. Alak, J. Post)