Estonians will participate 24h ECH/WCH Torino 2015

Estonian Ultrarunners Official lineup will take part of the 24 ore di Torino (24 hours IAU WCH) competition taking place on 11-12 April 2015.

At the moment our participants are:

  • women: Raili Rüütel, Aveli Vellerind, Hanna Roosi
  • men: Rain Seepõld, Cris Poll, Aivar Luud, Mart Maasikrand, Rain Vellerind, Andrus Rüütelmaa, Jaak Rohtsalu, Toomas Unt
  • staff: Anneli Vellerind, Kaire Laupa

photo is of our official line-up from IAU WCH Holland y. 2013 (photo by Ü. Alak, J. Post)