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Dream of the Final Night offers a chance to step into the new year with emotions fulfilled with athletic activities, Meremõisa pinetree forest and candlelight. 

The event takes place sixth time.

The 1 km trail is open for 12 hours, from midday til midnight. Come to run or (nordic)walk last kilometers of given year at an international endurance event. All participants who exceed the minimum distance of 10 km, will receive a diploma and a souvenir. Supportpoint located on start/finish area offers food and drink including cold and warm beverages and meals. Results are mesaured with a new electronic timekeeping system.


Participation fees

  Individual Member of a team
til 23.12.2016 45€ 35€
*24.12 - 31.12.2016 55€ 45€
*on site

* during marked period registrations, souvenirs with event logo are not guaranteed


Three easy steps to register:

  1. If you are already member on webpage then log in with your user name and password and proceed to step no. 3
  2. Become an authenticated member on by filling out the "Create New User Account" form. (PS! Due to security concerns your user registration application must be approved by administrator, further instructions will be provided to your e-mail address provided while submitting a new user account form)
  3. Register for the event under Dream of the Final Night -> 2016 -> Participate -> Register
  4. Pay participation fee via bank transfer:
Bank details:
Benficiary Ultrajooksuklubi Estonian Ultrarunners Team MTÜ
IBAN: EE082200221050835570
Notes: Dream of the Final Night 2016 + First Name & Last Name

NB! Participant is considered registrated after the participation fee has reached Estonian Ultrarunners Team bank account. The correct ammount of the participation fee is considered by the date of when it reaches the destination.

For any additional questions or information please contact us -




*If the map loads in a general view, hit the refresh button (F5) on your browser to reload the page. The map should be show correctly there after.

Start and finish location: 

Entry to the Meremõisa recreational area is situated on the road of Tallinn - Kloogaranna 28,7th km. Coming by car from the direction of Tallinn you have to pass Keila-Joa about 2km, where "Meremõisa" bus stop is situated, at the start of the left hand curved small hill climb. Immediately before the end of the small hill climb there is a gravel road turning right, take this turn and follow the signs of Viimase ÖÖ unistus.

Coming from the direction of Kloogaranna it takes about 8 km from Paldiski road to reach the entry road on the left hand side on near top of the small hillclimb.

Public transport is accessible from Solaris Shopping Centre near Estonia Theatre where you can take small bus number 237 or 237A, nearest stop is "Meremõisa" the smallbus is stopping the stops by demand. One way ticket purchased on the bus is about 2,5 €. Timetables are available here.

Staying over night and parking

At the Meremõisa recreational area there are camping sites for free, you can erect your own tents. Parking is free and allowed only in designated areas since the recreational area is under natural protection law. For additional instructions please refer to RMK.



Dream of the Final Night is traditionally held on 1km trail which is layd out according to wheater conditions as a circle or back and forth setup.

Also accordign to the weather the track can be either very slippery due to ice or quite soft due to warm weather and rain.

The track will be marked with candles but bringing your own means of lighting equipment (handheld torch or miners light) is strongly advised.

There is one service point on the track offering snacks and warm food also cold and warm drinks.

For changing clothes or resting in the warmth there will be a heated tent.


Competition Dream of the Final Night takes place on 31.12.2016

Participant's numbers and timing chips are collectable from the starting area from 10.00 o'clock local time.

Opening of the trail (start) at 12.00 am.

Trail is closed (finish) at 00.00 pm. 

Participants who finish before the closing time of the track, can ask for their diploma from the timekeeping team. (Remember to return the timing chip!!!)

Awards ceremony for the best of individual and team results will take place asap. after closing the track.


Results are obtained by

1. Individual sum of laps 

Individual result is the sum of laps (distance), where by difference is made in women's and men's categories. During the opening hours of the track, athlete can rest, eat, go swimming - meaning leave the trail and come back at their own will. For longer breaks it is adviced to notify the timekeeping team. Minimum distance to get a result is 10 km.

2. A team comprises of 3-6 registered participants. Team result consists of 3 best results of the team members. Team categories are divided in three: men's, women's and mixed.

Mixed team result is the sum of three best results where atleast one is of opposite sex. (eg. team of 4 members has 3 female and 1 male athlete, and these 3 women all get better results than male athelete, then the 3rd womens result is replaced with the man's result)

All team members participate in the individual lineup as well.


Participant is solely responsible for the participation and conduct in the event. Due to unforseeable weather conditions event organizer has the right to change the lenght and opening hours of the track for safety reasons. Participants helping teams are allowed to provide assistance to their athletes in the support points. In case of no show the participation fee is not returned.

Dream of the Final Night Rules:

  1. BIB has to be placed so that it is visible at all times while on track or at support points. Without BIB you are not allowed to participate.
  2. Timing chip has to be placed on the ancle and returned to the time-keeper after finishing.
  3. If you wish to start/pause/cancel the race, then you have to notify the organizer.
  4. Nordic walkers have to look out not to obstruct other participants.
  5. Used disposable dishes (plates, cups) can be used repeatedly by writing your name or number on the item. Disposal of these items is evident in the suport points - the plastic dishes are placed inside each other in designated boxes.
  6. Any trash must be placed in trashbags situated in the support points. Throwing trash on the ground is strictly forbidden by the law.
  7. Usage of digital multimedia devices on the track is not restricted.
  8. Participants helper - notify the organizers about yourself to gain access to support points.
  9. Organizer has the right to exclude participants from the competition for safety reasons.
  10. Due to unforseeable weather conditions event organizer has the right to change the lenght and opening hours of the track for safety reasons
  11. In case of no show the participation fee is not returned. Participant who cannot participate can delegate their admission to another person. The names are changed and participation fee is considered paid.


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