Laulasmaa Ultra was won by Laimonis and Heleen

Estonia's longest running and walking event once again got to the end. Minimum distance of one full lap (21,1) was covered by 85 athletes. There were 32 volunteers supporting them.

First places were divided by close battle. The best man and winner of Laulasmaa Ultra 2015 is Laimonis Skadinš from Latvia who showed stability through out the course (211 km in 23 hours, 42 minutes and 5 seconds). Just two kilometers before finish Hannes Veide grabed second place from Lauri Valdmaa who ended up third tho leading the race first half of the race.

Women's battle for the first place was triumhed by Heleen Vennikas (168,8 km in 30 hours, 33 minutes). Second place was obtained by Raili Rüütel (152,4 km in 30 hours, 28 minutes and 28 seconds). Third place belongs to Vilve Pilv (147,7 km in 26 hours, 27 minutes and 36 seconds. 

Nordic Walking (kepikõnd) was won by Kalmar Kurs with 105,5 km.

Teams consisting of 3-6 members where competing with 3 best results counting (and for mixed teams atleast one result from opposite sex). This time all winning teams are consisting of estonians. Men's best was team called "jah" (Aivar Luud, Peeter, Vennikas, Mart Maasikrand, Aivar Arike) with combined result of 633 km. Women's best was the alliance of two teams called "Kosmosemutid" and "Liblikas" ((Heleen ja Pille Vennikas, Maia Boltovsky ja Marika Koplimägi) with combined result of 330,6. Best of the mixed teams was "Tipp ja Täpp" (Lauri Valdmaa, Priit Valk, Vilve Pilv, Marika Roopärg, Tiina Tartes, Kärt Radik) with combined result of 506,4 km.

Both of the ultra dogs who participated undertook the distance of a full marathon. Full course of 211km was completed by 9 athletes (Laimonis Skadiņš, Hannes Veide, Lauri Valdmaa, Aivar Luud, Peeter Vennikas, Tõnis Tali, Jaak Rohtsalu, Mart Maasikrand, Kaido Kaarli). 

All the results are visible here (MS Excel):

Above file has an sort order issue in the individual results table, here is corrected version of it:

Watch Jaanika Mändla's photo gallery here siit.


We thank all of the participants, volunteers and supporters!

On the photo: Winners Heleen Vennikas and Laimonis Skadinš



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