The realm of Ultrarunnig is tuned into 24h world championships

From 11-12 of April 2015 everyone in touch with ultrarunning is tuned in to the 24 hours world championships, taking place in Turin Italy. Start is given on 11th of April at 10.00 am and track will be closed excactly 24 hours later on sunday mornign 12th of April at 10.00 am.

337 atheletes representing 41 countries are gaining distances on an exact 1700m lap.

World's best 24h results so far:

  Men km Women km
1 Yoshikazu Hara JPN 285.366 Katalin Nagy USA 243.720
2 Christian Fatton SUI 282.200 Deb Nicholl AUS 239.564
3 Ricardo Rojas Peredo ARG 277.534 Bernadette Benson AUS 238.261
4 Lubomir Hrmo SVK 270.388 Traci Falbo USA 237.660
5 Ivan Cudin ITA 266.702 Fiona Ross GBR 233.018

This time Estonia is represented by:

  • women: Raili Rüütel, Aveli Vellerind, Hanna Roosi
  • men: Rain Seepõld, Cris Poll, Aivar Luud, Mart Maasikrand, Rain Vellerind, Andrus Rüütelmaa, Jaak Rohtsalu, Toomas Unt
  • staff: Anneli Vellerind, Kaire Laupa

Photo: Estonian Ultrarunners 2 years ago in Holland 24 WCH (photo by: Ülle Alak ja Janar Post)

Live results are visible here: