We support:

  • unity between generations (our events engage the old and the young working together), 
  • people's self-confidence (running shows us we can achieve more than we believe)
  • first of all we give ground for being happy (running with a good feeling and smile on our face)



  • Winning is not the most important, being active is.
  • We're active for the sake of our own health
  • We support our fellows while they have hard time
  • We always run with a good feeling and smile on our face
  • We believe that running is fun
  • Everyone is a winner
  • We do not know what stress is (during ultra long running its good to think and relieve stress)
  • We enjoy the surrounding while running



Ultrarunning is first of all pursued for unique experiences, good company, positive vibe, excelling yourself.



Everyone – young and old, men and women, overweight and slim, short and tall, any nationality.