I General

1. Ultrajooksuklubi Estonian Ultrarunners Team is based on volunteers and is an nonprofit organization promoting ultrarunning. 

2. Official name is: MTÜ Ultrajooksuklubi Estonian Ultrarunners Team (future: club)
3. Club's official address is Oja 4 Laulasmaa küla Keila vald 76702 Harjumaa, Eesti.
4. Club is bringing together persons and enterprises interested in ultrarunning and who wish to develop and promote ultrarunning.
5. Club holds all rights for its symbolics (logos etc.) and is it's sole owner and user.
6. Club's main areas of conduct are: organizing of events, trainings, training camps, schooling (eg. first aid ed. for volunteers), promotion and arrangement of competitions.
7. Club is established indefinetly.
8. Clubs goal is to allow people undependent of their sex and age to fill their recreational time with healty activities.
8.1 Club to reach its goals:
a) brings together and unites people who are interested in ultrarunning.
b) Organizes competitions and events also in cooperation with other organizations. /.../
c) Contracts sponsorships and receives material donations from persons or enterprises for trainings, to purchase items for organizing events, to hire trainers and instructors.

II Member's inclusion and exclusion terms and conditions

9. Becoming a member is viable to all persons who wish to develop activities inline with club's goals.
10. Membership is decided by the club's board.


This is a partial translation of the official statutes in Estonian. Last update - 2015-03-15