Dmitrijs Nicipors and Ulvi Lond won Laulasmaa Ultra on a new, even harder trail

Photo by Kristina Vennikas: the start of Laulasmaa Ultra

On Saturday evening, 11th June 2017 the finish of Laulasma Ultra- Estonian longest walking and running event was closed.

Latvian Dmitris Nicipors made a great trail record by running 211km in 22 hours, 51 minutes and 16 seconds (av 6 min 29sek/ km). The second and the third place went to Latvia as well. Kaspars Adijāns got the second place (26:59:19), Laimonis Skadinš the third place (27:46:56).

Ulvi Lond ran the maximum distance 211km (31:28:13) being the first Estonian woman to complete the full distance of Laulasmaa Ultra. So far only one more woman has been able to do that, Dace Veipa from Latvia (in 2014, time 31:23.50). Maarika Roopärg got the second place with 156,7km (31:25:33) and Kristi Rohtsalu got the third place with 150,7km  (31:28:13).

Nine participants were able to complete the full distance – 211 km, also Tave Allik, Uldis Pormeisters, Toomas Unt, Aivar Luud and Mārcis Bogdanovs.

There were 61 participants in total (46 men and 15 women) who were supported by 31 volunteers. The best men team was Latvian team named Peeter Vennikas- 633,0km in 88:22:28,1 (Mārcis Bogdanovs, Kaspars Adijāns, Uldis Pormeisters and Jānis Bogdanovs). The best mixed team was a father with a son and daugther- FK 400+ with the result of 449,1km in 81:33:32,4 (Jaak, Kristi and Martin Rohtsalu). The best women team was  Kosmosemuttide ja Liblikate Liit (The Union of Cosmic Babes and Butterflies) with 358,7 km in 64:39:29,5 (Maia Boltovsky, Marika Koplimägi, Anu Raja and Mari Boikov).

We thank all the participants, volunteers and supporters Andre FarmKarli ja Linda maiustused and  Zerna ökotalu for wonderful race.

We will add the gallery soon. Wish you all nice recovery and hope to see you in our New Year Eve`s 12 race- Dream of the Final Night 2017.  Look at Laulasmaa Ultra results from here: siit.

Family Vennikas and Estonian Ultrarunners Team


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