The track of Laulasmaa Ultra has been changed!

The track of Laulasmaa Ultra has been changed!

As Laulasmaa Ultra takes place in a very beautiful nature protection area and there are many beautiful things to see, we have made few changes to add more beautiful views and to make the trail more interesting.

  1. After first 3 km we don`t cross the hanging bridge of Keila-Joa, the trail continues straight to see the beautiful waterfall of Keila-Joa and recently renovated Keila-Joa castle. The first service point is on 3,5 km. Then the trail turns back and crosses the bridge as before.

  2. The second change has been made considering the small lap. It used to be 2,4 km from Meremõisa to Heliküla service point on a flat road, but now after 1 km the trail turns left and climbs up to Tornimäe tower which is 1,5km from Meremõisa and then turns back to the finish.

  3. The sum of ascent per one lap (21,1 km) is now approximately 290 meters instead of 220 meters.

  4. The length of consolation lap is now 3 km and it is possible to run 3 consolation laps, 9 km in total.